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28 May 2011 @ 03:21 pm
The Amy Pond Chronicles  
I used to hate Amy Pond. Then I started making this. Some people read or write fanfiction to work through their issues, but I don’t do fanfiction; I fanmix. And this one is pretty epic for me: there's a section for Amy herself, a section for her and the Doctor, a section for her and Rory, and bookends on either side. I definitely feel like I understand her so much better after making this and, because of understanding, sympathize much better too. She is a seriously complex and effed-up girl, and I may be starting to love her for it.

featuring: Alessi’s Ark, Tilly and the Wall, Beirut, Emmy the Great, Ingrid Michaelson, Page France, Yo La Tengo, and more.

HERE @ whodo